Club League Tournament (2015/16)

Rules for the 2015/16 tournament can be found here.

NameGame PointsClub Match PointsSpecial EventsDerbyshire EventsTotal Points
Castro, Jaime2323
Williams, Dave2020
Cockburn, Andre1717
Fancourt, Les1717
Smith, David1616
Gallagher, Kevin1414
Dalley, Kevin J1313
Rugg, Peter1212
Webster, Alex1212
Caswell, Matt1212
Samra, Mohinderpal1212
Retout, Steve99
Rita, Joao99
Harrison, Craig88
Forey, Ray J77
Hussain, Shah66
Mercer, Robert66
Last updated 31/03/2014

This table is up-to-date as if the 16/09/2015