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2017-18 Begins!

The provisional fixtures have been released for the 2017/18 Season, and will be going into the Calendar over the next few days. If you are a team captain, please make sure that the dates are correct.

In the meantime, hope you all had a great summer – the club opens for chess on the 5th September!

See you there.

2016-17 Season Begins!

Tuesday 6th September sees the club re-open for the 2016-17 season.

Pop down with your tales of summer victories & defeats, holiday photos and tales of what you’ve been up to over the last few months.

There’ll be five teams running again this season, so lots of opportunities for games. The calendar will be updated soon with all the fixtures.

Let’s Talk Chess

One of our members; Alex Webster, has started a chess blog. If you get chance, pop by and take a look – from what there is so far, it looks really interesting.

In Alex’s words: “I welcome you all to ┬átake a look at a chess blog I’ve create which I will hopefully try and up date monthly, to talk about anything to do with chess! Feel free to comment please.

Note; I am going to try and talk about many different aspects of chess, some draft topics I have plans for are; endgame, chess preparation/keeping concentration during a game, confidence, the chess clock, this blog will not just be about the openings I play as it will become very boring for players who don’t play the same openings as me!”

Quickplay Tournament – 16th September 2014

To celebrate the start of a new chess season, we will be holding a quickplay tournament on the evening of the 16th September. Time limits are 15 minutes each for the whole game and it will consist of four rounds. There will be a simple time handicap for the higher graded players when playing less strong members.

This is a good event to catch-up and remove some of the “summer rust”. For people interested in the club it’s a great opportunity to come and experience the club and meet some of the members.

Please arrive by 7:20pm to register for a 7:30pm prompt start