In chess, the ‘touch-move rule’ states: If a player (whose turn it is to move) touches one of his pieces, it must be moved if it has a legal move. In addition, if a piece is picked up and released on another square, the move must stand if it is a legal move. If an opponent’s piece is touched, it must be captured if it is legally possible to do so. Continue reading J’Adoube

Modern Comforts

There it was on the doormat, junk mail likely to hide it hadn’t begun its plague yet, a lone postcard. I didn’t need to turn it over to know who it was from, I had been expecting it, indeed, watching for it for the past few days. It was from East Staffordshire District Council, informing me that my requested book, ‘Practical Play of the Max Lange Attack’ by George Koltanowski, was now ready for collection at Burton library. Continue reading Modern Comforts