The story of the Cup 2014

Article kindly provided by Dave Williams.

(Pictured left-to-right: John Shannon, Ray Evans, Dave Williams & Chris Dunworth)

The Derby and Mickleover A Team played the 4 quickplay rounds in the Autumn of 2013, with mixed success. A total of seven players were involved: Ray Evans, Ray Forey, Martin Cobham, Jamie Castro, John Shannon, Kevin Dalley and myself.

Finishing 4th out of seven teams, this meant we were through to the Semi Final against the team that finished first, Chesterfield A.

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Magnus – Triple Crown

After five days, 15 rounds of Rapid and 21 rounds of Blitz, Magnus Carlsen has collected the other two major chess awards to add to his Classical Crown.

Over the course of five days, he finished the Rapid tournament with 11/15, ahead of Silver medal winner Caruana (10½/15) and Anand (10½/15) who collected the Bronze.

In the Blitz, Magnus was trailing by a half-point leading into the final three rounds, but was helped somewhat by Levon Aronian beating then leader Ian Nepomniachtchi in Round 20. Carlsen went on to win his final three games relatively easily, taking a 2nd Gold home to Norway.

As a result, not only does Magnus now have the 3 major OTB titles, but leads the FIDE rankings in Classical and Blitz, 2nd only to Caruana in Rapid by a margin of 1.8 rating points.

Guess he still has something to aim for then!