Club Cup & Plate Competition – Second Round Draw

Cup Competition

Steve Retout v  Dave Williams

Kevin Dalley v Dave Smith

Jaime Castro v Martin Cobham

Ray Forey v Andre Cockburn

Plate Competition

Matthew Chaffe v Gilberto Templo

Peter Rugg v Greg Lay

Aurel Madar v Shah Hussain

Marten Kats bye

Games to be completed by 21st January.  Unless any matches have been re-arranged, 7th January is entirely free so can I suggest the games are played then. Be a useful way of getting back into the game after the Christmas break.

To avoid rematches, if the first game is drawn, then a rapidplay game should be played where possible on the same night, minimum 15 minutes each. Colours from first game reversed.

Could players with black contact their opponents to agree date as soon as possible. 


The Problem of a Real Combination

As chess players we often solve puzzles such as  “White to play and win” that reside in books and magazines. The problem is that when such positions face you over the board there is no helpful hint to say “there is definitely a win here”! This often means that you first of all have to see the winning idea and then analyse all the possible variations. Above all this is the relentless ticking of the clock – leaving you unsure as to whether to invest the time in the position, knowing that if there is nothing there then you are going to suffer in some form of time scramble later!

In a recent game I was faced with a position that screamed “there must be a clear win here”. While I spent some time studying (and saw most of the solution) I couldn’t quite see the finish. Then in typical fashion I made a move which simply blundered away any hope of a win (lesson to be learned here!). So for your entertainment I provide the position that I failed, with the few helpful words “White to play and Win”!!!